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What We Do

Kia ora koutou

Smart Resilient Cities is about exploring the capabilities of emerging technology and data processing tools for Disaster Risk Reduction. 


We are a jointly funded research project and our work is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 11!). 

This project will explore how the Smart City model could be used for Aotearoa, New Zealand's pre-event recovery planning and post-event recovery operations. 

The aim is to understand the use of sustainable and low cost:

  • state of the art sensors capable of maintaining the sensing ability of a city/regional before, during and after a big disaster or disruption

  • wired and wireless communication platforms linking smart sensors before, during and after a big disaster or disruption

  • end-user accepted and trusted technology applications covering users’ needs for gauging human and infrastructure impacts

A big part of this project is understanding the social acceptability of data sharing and use. An example of our approach to public engagement is captured below. 

2 smart cities.jpg
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